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a photo of young people discussing brain injuryThe purpose of Neuro-Resource Facilitation (NRF) is to increase the independence & quality of life of Vermonters living with brain injuries. NRF staff assists individuals with a brain injury in setting relevant goals, and making informed choices for services and supports that may be helpful in meeting their individual needs.  We help participants understand and navigate programs that support persons with disabilities in Vermont, assist them in finding & applying for the most relevant programs and services to meet their needs and attain their goals, and help them problem-solve any barriers that may arise.  The NRF Program is for any individual with a brain injury, however, it is the most helpful for the individual with a mild to moderate brain injury who has recently completed their formal rehabilitation in a rehabilitation program.


  1. Resident of VT.
  2. Have goals or objectives that they would like us to assist them with.
  3. Are ready, willing and able to assume responsibility for using the support offered.

The Application Process:

Interested individuals (or their support person or service provider) can complete & submit the NRF application packet to the BIA-VT office. If unable to complete application, NRF staff can meet with them to assist in filling out the application. If assistance is needed, call the BIAVT office to arrange to meet with a staff person.

Neuro-Resource Facilitation Activities may include:

  • If requested, assist client in completing application for the NRF program.
  • Help participant to plan relevant & attainable goals & identify services and supports to reach them.
  • Assist participant in identifying and accessing appropriate community resources, services and supports, such as: public housing, Vocational Rehabilitation, disability benefits, food aid, etc.
  • Facilitate service provision by assisting participant with complex applications (as needed).
  • Monitor progress towards the participant’s goals, and the quality and appropriateness of services and supports. Work with participant to adjust services and supports as needed to attain their goals.
  • Coach & encourage participants to advocate for themselves & overcome any barriers that may arise.

Important: the Neuro-Resource Facilitation Program does not provide any direct services.

If you have any questions, please call toll free at 1-(877)-856-1772

Click here to download the NRF Application
Click here to download the NRF Fact Sheet