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How do you "cash in" on this incentive?

Prior to the Walk & Roll for Brain Injury, go to your Human Resources Department, pick up a Matching Gifts Contribution Form, bring it with you the day of the event and turn it in with your pledges.  Be sure to let the person registering you know that you have a Matching Gifts Contribution Form.

Your company may match your self-contribution or contributions from your co-workers.  The donor must apply for Matching Gifts through their company and then send their form to the Brain Injury Association of Vermont for verification (BIA address is located below for your convenience).  If you or your donors are not sure if a company has a Matching Gifts Program, check with the Human Resource Department.

The advantages of using Matching Gifts as part of your pledges are:

  1. You can possibly double the amount of money you turn in and qualify for larger incentives.
  2. Those individuals that sponsor you can take advantage of this as well, adding dollars to your pledges.
  3. The Brain Injury Association of Vermont will be able to fund more client programs, social activities, and prevention education with the funds received from the Matching Gifts, aiding us in our mission.

This is a benefit your company offers, why not use it?
Note:  If you or one of your sponsors are using matching gifts, please make sure the walker's name is somewhere on the form so that we can credit the gift properly.  Also, if you are submitting Matching Gift Applications over the web, please mail or include with your pledges a printed copy with walker's name.

Sending Matching Gift Forms to:
Walk for Thought
Brain Injury Association of Vermont
PO Box 482
Waterbury, VT  05676