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Now that you have registered yourself and your team for the Walk & Roll for Brain Injury, it is time to recruit your team. But before you can contact anyone about joining your team, set your recruitment goal. An official team consists of at least three members.

I have created a recruitment poster to pin-up at work or distribute to friends and family.


Me + ____ teammates = My 2019 Walk & Roll for Brain Injury Team!

  The goal is set but how do you get there from here?  Use this recruitment checklist to help build your team:

Recruitment Checklist

I have registered my team for the event.

I have created an online team page that I will use to help me recruit my team.

I have made a list of potential team members, and have invited each of them to join my team through the use of the efficient email tools in my Team DonorPage.

Because the team's webpage allows me to see a list of my team members, I have personally thanked each person on my team once they register.  Click on View Statistics button in your Team Donorpage.

I have contacted my team members to encourage them to invite at least once of their family members, co-workers or friends to join our team.

I have set a date for my team's recruitment event (BBQ, happy hour or informal gathering).


I have asked my team members to invite their friends, family members and/or co-workers to attend and I have contacted and asked the BIAVT to send a representative to motivate, inform and register attendees.


I have publicized my team by posting Walk & Roll for Brain Injury brochures and posters at my office, businesses I frequent and in my neighborhood with my contact information.


I have asked the president of my company to endorse my team - either through a letter to staff, or a write-up in the company newsletter.


I have created a recruitment poster to pin-up at work or distribute to friends and family.