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You have set a fundraising goal for your team, but how do you encourage your team members to reach it?  Here are some tips for motivating the team!

Motivation Checklist

  • I've let my Team members know about the possible Team awards and incentives (See incentive page for details).
  • I have created some challenges within my team, to drive fundraising efforts.
  • This could include Top Fundraiser Award or the first to raise $1,000 Prize or Best Recruiter (Team member who brought the most new members to the team), etc.  I have asked local businesses that I frequent to donate prizes or gift certificates that I can use to motivate my team.
  • I have shared where the money goes with my team so they understand how valuable their fundraising dollars are to people living with a brain injury, their families and their friends.  Read more - About BIAVT
  • I use my Walk & Roll for Brain Injury Team DonorPage to monitor my team members' fundraising progress.  I've thanked those who are doing well and praised their progress in my emails to the entire team.
  • I offer individual encouragement to those who need help.
  • E-mail weekly/biweekly updates to your team members.  For example, "As of today, we need $500 to reach our goal!"
  • If my Team decided to have a Team T-shirt, I've appointed another Team member to coordinate its design & arrange for printing them before Walk Day.