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walk and roll 2019biavt


Your team is formed and is busy fundraising and training. The next step is to prepare for the weekend of the event. Here is a checklist to assist you in organizing your team for the weekend so that each member has a positive experience.

Get Organized Checklist

  • I have reminded Team members to bring all cash & check contributions sealed inside their complete pledge envelopes on Walk Day.
  • I have reminded my Team members to check with their company Human Resources office & if their company has a Matching Gift program, to pick up and bring that form to Walk Day. (see 'Matching Gifts' link on the main Walk page for details.)
  • I have determined a time to have our team photo taken. I have communicated the meeting time, location and photo time to my team, and answered any last minute questions.
  • If we have Team T-shirts, I have reminded the member who made them to bring them to Walk Day.
  • I have reminded my Team Members that this is a 'rain or shine' event & to come prepared for whatever the weather may bring.
  • I have emailed all my contacts who haven't yet made a donation a reminder that the event is coming up soon, and encouraged all my team members to do the same.
  • I have reminded my Team to have fun!