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walk and roll 2019biavt


All of your efforts have come together and the Walk & Roll for Brain Injury day is here! It is time for your team to celebrate what you have done over the past months to be at this event. Now is your opportunity to prepare those details that will make your team members' Walk experience finish well.

Below are some suggestions to make this possible:

Get Ready to Walk! Checklist

  • I plan to arrive early, so I can greet my other Team members as they arrive.
  • If we have Team T-shirts or other gear, I hand these out as Team members arrive.
  • I have sent an email to my team to (1) congratulate them on how close the team is to reaching our fundraising goal, and (2) express my EXCITEMENT that the Walk event is THIS weekend!
  • I have found a fun way to bring team flair and distinction at this event. Because my team deserves to be recognized, I have considered noisemakers, crazy hats, costumes, team t-shirts or orange hair to get us the attention our teamwork has earned!
  • I have planned a way to celebrate when our team reaches our fundraising goal. In honor of my team, I will have a party, shave my head, dye my hair bright blue, or award candy trophies to each member of the team.
  • No Lines No Waiting! Teams will have their own Team Turf check-in area. Team members turn in funds and have more time to hang out before the Walk starts.
  • Say Cheese! Lots of photos will be taken and posted to Facebook for you to download, save or share.