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Since the dawn of time, history has shown that humans enjoy doing things together, as part of a group a team boosts the spirit of a loved one with a brain injury when formed in his or her honor.  If you're a business owner, forming a team will increase your company's visibility in the community, promote teamwork, plus boost morale and fitness at the same time.  The Walk & Roll for Brain Injury is a fun, low-cost fundraising event for everyone.

It takes one person to inspire hundreds---that's the power behind being a Team Captain.  As a Team Captain for the Walk & Roll for Brain Injury, you become a leader in a powerful moment.

TEAMWORK--The More the Merrier!
IMG 6397The Walk for Thought is much more fun with a group of teammates to support and encourage each other along the way.  As a team captain or team member, you will notice the camaraderie and development of team pride whether your team is made up of friends and family, co-workers, or members of a community group.  If you are walking as part of a corporate team, employees will enjoy a fun social outing while raising much needed funds.

Getting Started!
What is a Team?  A team consists of a captain and at least 2 additional team members.  Team are generally classified as Friends & Family or Corporate (meaning the team represents a company or organization). However, anyone can form a team and we encourage all teams to be inclusive and recruit from many areas.  Some of our best teams consist of a mixture of co-workers, family members and friends.

102 0604How do I create a team?
Each Walk Team starts by choosing a Captain and a Team name, and setting its Team fund-raising goal.  The Captain registers first for the Walk online, as an individual (click on 'Register to Walk' link at main Walk & Roll for Brain Injury webpage). The Captain names the Team, then lets other team members know the Team name & that it's time to register online.  Other team members sign on using the 'Join a Team' option on the 'Register to Walk' page (from the pull-down menu there).

Ready to get started?
If you're a brand new team, WELCOME!  Once you're registered, you can create a team webpage with your own URL, send out team recruitment emails, and most importantly...begin fundraising!

102 0614Need Help?
Let us assist you in developing and growing your team!  Set up a meeting with Ceili Quigley,  802-244-6850, ext. 3522, to discuss your team goals and to provide you with creative recruitment and fundraising ideas.  We're also available to speak to groups of potential and/or returning teams about brain injury, Walk & Roll for Brain Injury, the mission of the Brain Injury Association of Vermont, and the important role teams play in helping our mission.